you shall grow to love me! and I will never like you.

3rd January 2014

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A British paper asked me to write a piece for them on the occasion of the publication of my new book. I wrote it a few weeks ago and then didn’t hear from them. They wrote back today and said they wouldn’t run what I wrote. Through the power of “blog,” I am sharing it here.


29th February 2012

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Fuck. Yes.


Fuck. Yes.

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21st February 2012

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Let's Talk Physics (Black Holes) →


I’m bored and avoiding my Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics homework, so I was browsing around the internet, and I noticed something funny. People don’t seem to understand black holes very well. So, thought I, I should elucidate them. And here we go:

A black hole is a misnomer. It is neither…

21st February 2012

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: 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Living in Space →


Nearly every astronaut experiences some space sickness, caused by the wildly confusing information reaching their inner ears. In addition to nausea, symptoms include headaches and trouble locating your own limbs. Just like college, really.

And those are the least of your worries. In…

1st December 2011


I’m doing homework and when I think how to write shit down I put some ‘fucks’ and ‘shits’ between the words in my head and I automatically put them on paper, too. This sucks but it’s hilarious at the same time.

28th November 2011


sleep and the lack of it

I’ve come to realization that I have two stages, or modes, however you wish to name it, of sleep deprivations. First is, when I go a few days, like three to four days, with maximum six to seven hours of sleep, I tend to get angry and aggressive very easily, and all of that over nothing. Even someone sneezing 20 feet away makes me mad and I get an urge to go and punch them in the nose..  a kick to groin area sounds nice, too.

Now the my second stage of sleep deprivation. This is my first experience with it. In the last week I’ve gotten only maximum six hours of sleep, usually less. Today, I realized I don’t give a shit about anything, nothing could piss me off. That’s good. I get to keep my nerve cells, right? Well, there’s more.. but this is probably normal, at least I think it is, because it seems very logical. I have problems with concentration on reading longer texts, but I should point out, that with short text I’ve had no problems. By short I mean a few A4 papers that has been written in font size 12 and in Times New Roman, to be exact. But who gives a shit about that. I don’t.

I don’t see the end for this routine for the next month and a half, because I have so fucking much to do. Fucking college. Fucking homework. Fucking cunts on the street I passed today. Fucking idiots on YouTube. The last few fuckings, actually, don’t belong to this context, but as I was writing this, it felt good to let it out. This actually worries me, because I don’t think it’s very good for your health to have sleep deprivation for that long period. Not that I care, if I lose a few days of my life because of this. Who gives a shit about death. That wasn’t a question, at least not a real one, a rhetorical, perhaps. Yes, it was rhetorical, I’m sure of it.

As I’m writing all this, I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Philosophers’s stone on my iPod. Yes, I downloaded the audiobook illegally. Only idiots pay fortunes for this kind of shit. But what matters the most, is that I feel like I’m fucking twelve again for wasting my time on Harry Potter. Well, at least it’s better than books, because I can do something else at the time I’m listening to this crap. Actually, it’s not  crap, I must admit that I admire J.K(KK, lol) Rowling’s geniusity(if there’s such a word). This shit is well thought out, unlike some Stephenie Meyer’s vampire bullshit. The only good thing I find about Twilight series is the idea itself. It could have been a great series, if she only had put some energy and time into this. But no, that bitch had to finish the first shitty book in three fucking months. I would have taken at least a year and a half. Still, you have to give it to her, she made a lot of money off this shit.

and now, how the fuck did I end up writing about Harry Potter and Twilight, when I started with describing my lack of sleep. this text probably consists of a lot of mistakse since I’m not a native speaker. It bothers me for some reason.

20th November 2011

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Winter Haiku for Yahoo!


by Jonas Polsky

My first assignment as a Yahoo! contributor was “winter haiku.” Here is my submission.

Christmas time is here
Cozy fires and hot cocoa
Lots of suicides

A child’s nagging cough
Daddy, where are the presents?
Wall Street bonuses

It’s Christmas morning
The medication ran out
Dead rat in a box

Creepy mall Santa
Registered sex offender
Was he drug tested?

An empty stocking
Found a note by the egg nog
Parents hung themselves

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13th November 2011


I know what you yesterday postcard. It glass of coke and bicycle. Once upon a time Charlie Sheen window fire windy flew out. My english is perfect.

25th October 2011


at the end, the Devil will always collect. he wants his toenails, you motherfucker better not cut them at old age. aight

18th October 2011

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13th October 2011


fucking bitches!

fucking bitches!

12th October 2011


12th October 2011


what if the movie Avatar was a warning to us. that if we don’t stop fucking with the world, it’ll fuck us back.